A Little Bit About Us

When I decided to go on my Paleo diet (It’s not a diet, but we’ll get into that later), I started posting my pictures on my Instagram blog. I thought that perhaps if I did that, it would give me some accountability for what I was putting into my mouth. It worked. I started thinking not only about what I was cooking and eating, but how I was going to plate it so it looked better in pictures. When I had to move into my car, I was very specific about the pre-made products I bought so that I could try keeping up with the lifestyle I had chosen to live. It all kept me on track. But then something odd started to happen. 

People started following me…on Instagram, I mean.

I had a following. They told me they got great ideas from my posts. Some told me they felt inspired. And, while I never thought of myself as an inspirational person, I knew I was following other Paleo blogs for the same reason. Suddenly, there were 50 followers. Then it was 75. When I hit 100 followers, I knew I had to do more. 

I started posting recipes, which is not easy to do when you’re Instagraming from your broken iPhone. I sat down, jumped on one of those free sites, and in just a day, I had thrown together a website to which I could post all those recipes. And then I ran into a problem. 

I needed more recipes. 

So my mom and I began finding Paleo recipes and adapting them to our liking. What I’m actually saying here is that Mom did most of the adapting, and I just tasted them and said, “Yep, we’re using that one!” and I’d snap a picture with my phone. 

My journey, though, is about more than just recipes. It’s also about the products that helped me along when I was living in my car and couldn’t cook my own meals. It’s about the moments when everything came together, or I made a breakthrough. I felt that those were stories that also needed to be told. 

What you will find on this website is those recipes we’ve developed and continue to develop. It’s about the products I find that make my life easier. And it’s about the moments I express when things are going good, bad or otherwise. You will find all of that on this website. 

I hope it helps you along in your own journey. 

Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko

P.S. I use a lot of other people’s recipes. My mom, Karen Heitstuman, and I have adapted them and made them our own, but with each recipe, you will also find a link to the original. These people came up with the recipes first and deserve the credit for them. Also, the pictures you will see on this site are all mine. Please get make sure I get the credit if you use them, as I will certainly give credit to those whose work I use. That being said, thank you to Megapixl for the cute background.