Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix

We have a great love for pancakes in this family, and, if you look on the recipes tag you’ll find a great recipe for Paleo pancakes. But I am also all about convenience when I need it.

I saw Birch Benders mix in the store and checked it out. The biggest selling point for me is that it’s made by just mixing it with water. No eggs. No oil. No multiple powders or seasonings. Just water.

Why is that a big thing? Because it can be taken camping. It can go into my emergency kit in the back of my car with my meal kit. And it can keep us from standing in the kitchen making pancakes forever and ever when we have company.

The mix is made with cassava, almond and coconut flour. Mom made the recipe that said 10-12 pancakes. We got nine. Close enough. They were good, fairly hearty pancakes that stood up to peanut butter and syrup. They are sweetened with monk fruit, which had an almost artificial sweetener flavor, but, other than that, they tasted great. They were definitely worth a place on my favorite things list.

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Author: Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko

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