Hormel Natural Choice

I would not suggest at any point that lunch meat is Paleo, and, of course, neither is cheese. However, there comes a point when beggars can’t be choosers, and something that is good and Paleo is not always available. That’s when just okay and Paleoish will do.

These Natural Choice packets are something I occasionally fall back on. I stay away from the packs with cashews (I can’t stand them on their own, but I enjoy them ground and blended with other nuts) and the packs with pretzels. What I get is a lunch meat, a cheese and either dark chocolate covered almonds or dark chocolate covered blueberries.

If I’m eating one of these, I’m generally low on cash, blood sugar and time. They’re only about $1.50 in Walmart, and I can grab them and go on the road. They provide a little burst of “pick me up” between meals if I know it’s going to be a while before I can eat.

You can find these in the lunch meat section where the Lunchables and whatnot are.

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

I discovered Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles on my first (failed) attempt at Paleo. I was living in a hotel room at the time, and my cooking appliances were limited to a microwave (permitted) and an electric kettle (not permitted, shhhhhh…). I used to do the whole “omelet in a mug” thing, but I didn’t have a good way to wash dishes. Fortunately, Jimmy Dean caught on to the omelet in a mug thing, too, and made it easier for me.

This one is my favorite, but they come with just bacon or just sausage as well. You empty the egg in to the cup (real beaten eggs here, not liquid eggs) and throw them into the microwave for the amount of time on the instructions. Take them out, stir in the…well…stir-ins, and nuke it some more. Then you have a nice scrambled egg breakfast to go and no dishes to wash up later.

I will admit there is a little more salt in these things than I like to have. One of my most favorite things about them, though, is that the eggs are real. No egg substitute. Good, real eggs. Now that I have a kitchen, I don’t eat these as often, but they are definitely an on-the-road favorite.

Did I mention that the eggs are real?

Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix

We have a great love for pancakes in this family, and, if you look on the recipes tag you’ll find a great recipe for Paleo pancakes. But I am also all about convenience when I need it.

I saw Birch Benders mix in the store and checked it out. The biggest selling point for me is that it’s made by just mixing it with water. No eggs. No oil. No multiple powders or seasonings. Just water.

Why is that a big thing? Because it can be taken camping. It can go into my emergency kit in the back of my car with my meal kit. And it can keep us from standing in the kitchen making pancakes forever and ever when we have company.

The mix is made with cassava, almond and coconut flour. Mom made the recipe that said 10-12 pancakes. We got nine. Close enough. They were good, fairly hearty pancakes that stood up to peanut butter and syrup. They are sweetened with monk fruit, which had an almost artificial sweetener flavor, but, other than that, they tasted great. They were definitely worth a place on my favorite things list.

Epic Bars

I first discovered Epic in April 2018 as my son and I were journeying from Burlingame, California to Boulder, Colorado. I was buying uncured jerky and found that Epic had some interesting flavors, and I could find anything from bison to beef to pork to chicken.

So imagine my joy at walking down the grocery store aisle to find that Epic also makes a nutrition bar. They’re about $6 or so a box and they’re made with good clean ingredients.

The one pictured here is the lemon flavored bar, and I’ll admit that I haven’t managed to get past this. I love it, and it’s what I buy every time I’m shopping. There is an almond butter chocolate chip and another chocolatey flavor that escapes me as I sit here, but, nope, I’m buying lemon. I heartily endorse them.

Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Once upon a time I ate several small meals over the course of the day because that’s what my schedule allowed or even demanded. A few bites here and there between the schedules of two full-time jobs, and I was good. A lot of my meals tended to be the same things every day, and many of the items under the “Favorite Things” tab helped me through the day. One of my end of day favorites was a single-sized dark chocolate almond milk by Silk and a banana.

I’m not a huge almond milk fan. Not to just drink it, at any rate. I will cook with it, have it as ice cream, etc., but I will never just sit and have a glass or cup of milk. Unless it’s the chocolate stuff. I’m picky that way.

I like this particular product because it tastes like the cow-made stuff and have a good regular texture rather than being watery. I occasionally get a little bit of a craving for something “creamy,” and this is something that is a great substitute for a cup of two-percent milk and too many scoops of Quick chocolate powder.

The single-sized servings do not have to be refrigerated, which makes it convenient to take with me on trips or chores. It looks like a little carton of kid’s milk, complete with straw, so drinking it is easy. They can be pricy — nearly seven dollars for six servings — but all almond milk tends to be a little pricy. These little servings, though, especially chilled, feel like a treat. Yes, they have a little sugar in them, but really, if you’re Paleo, you’re not cheating when you drink them. It just feels like it.