Honey Sticks

The first time I saw these, I was visiting a bug house with my kids. There were several different flavors, and the honey came from the bees kept by the organization that ran the bug house (Ok, Butterfly Pavilion, but they definitely had more than just butterflies). As my kids got older, and we didn’t go on as many outings, I kind of forgot these existed unless I happened upon them somewhere else, or one of the kids would bring me one because they remembered I liked them.

If you’re counting calories, be aware that these are not low-cal. They are, however, a naturally low-glycemic pick-me-up or a quick taste of wholesome sweetness during in a moment of need. Mom has a cup full of them sitting on a hutch in her kitchen, and I just snag one on occasion when I need a little something but I’m not really hungry.

The sticks we have are lime, peppermint and cinnamon, because that’s apparently the only kind that WinCo carries, but, over the years, I have also had huckleberry, orange, strawberry, mango, cherry and grape. I do occasionally pick one up that’s unflavored, and different types of flower can influence the taste and texture of the honey as well. They’re easy to pack along, and the plastic tubing keeps it from leaking all over your purse or backpack.

Author: Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko

Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko has a degree in journalism and is a published novelist. She has written on food, agriculture, business, crime and tourism. She has lived in Idaho, New Hampshire, Florida, Wyoming and Colorado. She currently resides in Fallon, Nevada.

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