I eat a lot of salads as part of my Paleo diet, but, it generally goes without saying that salad dressings are NOT on plan. Many are full of sugars and other gunk that is unnecessary. The problem is that I hate to eat a salad without at least a little dressing. Not to mention I use some dressings as marinades and to mix things like egg salad and tuna.

I found Tessamae’s dressings in the produce department of my local Walmart. They’re organic and yummy and come in several great flavors that keep me from missing regular salad dressing too much. I will admit that I’m not that wild about the Ranch dressing, not because it doesn’t taste good — it does! — but because it’s more like a dill dip than a Ranch dressing.

The Honey Vinaigrette is a staple in my fridge. It gets drizzled on salads, meats and scrambles or mixed into egg salads, caprese salads and tuna. The Lemon Garlic makes a great piccata marinade as well as dresses a nice summer salad.

I haven’t had a chance to check out all the flavors. It seems like every store I walk into has something different, I just have to start buying more of them and trying them. But the ones I do buy are essential to my everyday meal plan.

Hormel Natural Choice

I would not suggest at any point that lunch meat is Paleo, and, of course, neither is cheese. However, there comes a point when beggars can’t be choosers, and something that is good and Paleo is not always available. That’s when just okay and Paleoish will do.

These Natural Choice packets are something I occasionally fall back on. I stay away from the packs with cashews (I can’t stand them on their own, but I enjoy them ground and blended with other nuts) and the packs with pretzels. What I get is a lunch meat, a cheese and either dark chocolate covered almonds or dark chocolate covered blueberries.

If I’m eating one of these, I’m generally low on cash, blood sugar and time. They’re only about $1.50 in Walmart, and I can grab them and go on the road. They provide a little burst of “pick me up” between meals if I know it’s going to be a while before I can eat.

You can find these in the lunch meat section where the Lunchables and whatnot are.

Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Once upon a time I ate several small meals over the course of the day because that’s what my schedule allowed or even demanded. A few bites here and there between the schedules of two full-time jobs, and I was good. A lot of my meals tended to be the same things every day, and many of the items under the “Favorite Things” tab helped me through the day. One of my end of day favorites was a single-sized dark chocolate almond milk by Silk and a banana.

I’m not a huge almond milk fan. Not to just drink it, at any rate. I will cook with it, have it as ice cream, etc., but I will never just sit and have a glass or cup of milk. Unless it’s the chocolate stuff. I’m picky that way.

I like this particular product because it tastes like the cow-made stuff and have a good regular texture rather than being watery. I occasionally get a little bit of a craving for something “creamy,” and this is something that is a great substitute for a cup of two-percent milk and too many scoops of Quick chocolate powder.

The single-sized servings do not have to be refrigerated, which makes it convenient to take with me on trips or chores. It looks like a little carton of kid’s milk, complete with straw, so drinking it is easy. They can be pricy — nearly seven dollars for six servings — but all almond milk tends to be a little pricy. These little servings, though, especially chilled, feel like a treat. Yes, they have a little sugar in them, but really, if you’re Paleo, you’re not cheating when you drink them. It just feels like it.