RX Bars

I was technically homeless when I started my Paleo-ish lifestyle. I spent my first two weeks at my daughter’s while she was in England, but moved into my car when she came home. I was unwilling to undo everything I’d worked for over the previous two weeks because I didn’t have a kitchen, so I started to think about portability, things that keep and were cheap.

I had actually discovered RX Bars when I was an Uber/Lyft driver. I would be in my car 15 hours a day, and, depending on how the day went, I didn’t necessarily have time to stop and eat. I would pick up these bars at a 7-11 that sold them 2 for $5, and I’d buy $20 of them at a time.

I don’t usually like nutrition bars, but I am really impressed with these. They are just what they say on the front of the package. The egg gives them a little more staying power than, say, a Lära Bar, which is another favorite of mine, and they are more of a meal bar than just something to deal with my sweet tooth. They can be a little pricey — a box of 4 is $6.50 at Walmart, more at other stores —but they are so worth it, particularly when I’m on the road. They come in some great flavors: chocolate chip, chocolate sea salt, coffee, mixed berry, blueberry, chocolate coconut, and, even though they aren’t paleo because of the peanuts, peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate.

Epic Bars

I first discovered Epic in April 2018 as my son and I were journeying from Burlingame, California to Boulder, Colorado. I was buying uncured jerky and found that Epic had some interesting flavors, and I could find anything from bison to beef to pork to chicken.

So imagine my joy at walking down the grocery store aisle to find that Epic also makes a nutrition bar. They’re about $6 or so a box and they’re made with good clean ingredients.

The one pictured here is the lemon flavored bar, and I’ll admit that I haven’t managed to get past this. I love it, and it’s what I buy every time I’m shopping. There is an almond butter chocolate chip and another chocolatey flavor that escapes me as I sit here, but, nope, I’m buying lemon. I heartily endorse them.