I’m not going to lie — this is a big one for me.

I was a soda drinker. Usually Coke and then it was Cherry Coke if I could get my hands on it. I occasionally strayed to other flavors, Orange Fanta if I didn’t want the caffeine, Sprite if my stomach was upset and various flavors of Mt. Dew for my migraines.

Now that I’m Paleo, I don’t really miss the soda…except sometimes. On a hot day, I will miss the Coke. If I’m having a burger or pizza, I miss the soda. And I only miss it for one reason.

I’m totally addicted to the carbonation.

Okay, not totally addicted. I go without more days than not. But there are times I have this thirst that jut won’t be quenched by water or coffee.

Enter Izze.

Izzes are just fruit juice and carbonated water. Yep, that’s it. They aren’t dry like some sparkling waters. They are just as soda as you can get, but they fit a Paleo diet.

So, if I want something light, like Fanta, I drink a Clementine Izze. Something tart? There’s Grapefruit Izze. If I’m really wanting a Coke, I’ll drink a Blackberry Izze.

They’re a little on the pricy side, but so worth it when you want to stay on plan. They come in a four-pack, but I have seen larger bottles (usually at Panda Express) and smaller cans. They’re absolutely perfect for that carbonation itch.