Paleo Magazine

This has been an indispensable tool for me.

Paleo Magazine is the ONLY print magazine dedicated wholly to the Paleo lifestyle. It has articles on ancestral health, farming and ranching your own food, the benefits of the paleo life, profiles of business that cater to the Paleo lifestyle, profiles of athletes who maintain a Paleo lifestyle exercises, recipes and advertisements for all kinds of new, nifty Paleo things you didn’t know you could get. Recipes take current trends into consideration, so you’ll find recipes for sous vide and Instapot.

I generally try one or two (maybe three or four) recipes. You can get into a rut of just eating a meat, a veggie, a fruit, etc. each meal, but you’ll find some new recipes with Paleo Magazine. They come through the mail six times a year and you also have access to the online magazine.

Understand, this is not a health and lifestyle magazine that includes the Paleo lifestyle. This is a magazine DEDICATED to the Paleo lifestyle. Nothing is going to be confusing. It’s not going to make you wonder if this is the route you should be taking. If you’re getting Paleo magazine, you’re already on your way.

While I get Paleo Magazine primarily for the recipes, I do get a lot out of the articles, particularly those dealing with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases (I have osteoarthritis). I have gotten insight on foods that might not be as Paleo as I thought (like agave nectar), products that will help keep me on plan in the somewhat transient lifestyle I live, and vitamins or supplements and in what foods I can find specific nutrients.

Sometimes you just need a little assistance to keep up with what you’re doing, and Paleo Magazine definitely provides that assistance. Not every issue is a goldmine, but there is always something.