Nobody’s Perfect

As I write this, I’ve got a fork in one hand, and I’m wolfing down the most beautiful pumpkin mousse cake. Paleo? I think not! In fact, I know not. 

So, why am I eating it? Mostly because I just wanted it, but it was a last minute convenience. And because the only person I have to answer to is myself. 

Thanksgiving kind of threw me for a loop, and I’m slow in getting back into the swing of things. Two weeks living at the hotel didn’t do me any favors, but I didn’t even try for Thanksgiving. I’m regretting it, and I’ll get back on track over the next week. 

What I don’t have to worry about next week is a food coach or weigh in where someone is going to ask for an account of what I did wrong. I know what I’m doing wrong, and, yes, I have to fix it. But the fact is, I’m fixing it because I WANT TO, not because I’m afraid of what someone else is going to say to me. 

One of the things that is important is that I don’t look at my Paleo lifestyle as a “diet.” I am not going to reach a goal and then go on some maintenance program that ensures I don’t gain my weight back. I’ve actually gained 15 lbs. over the past month and a half. Yeah, it sucks, but I know what I need to keep that weight off. I know what I need to do keep my arthritis from bothering me, to keep my blood sugar down. But, I’m not perfect. I’m going to have those day (weeks, months) when I just don’t do as well as I should. 

I haven’t fallen off of a diet. I’ve only let myself down. I will pull myself back up. What is important, though, is that I realize I’m not perfect and that I don’t beat myself up over it. If I did that, I might be able to convince myself that I can’t get back on plan. I answer to myself, and I have learned that I need to be my own life coach, not my own critic. 

A Practically Paleo Life is for everyone, but it is especially for those who know they’re going to fall down. There is no judgement here. We’re all human, and there is nothing on earth more imperfect than that. 

Excuse me, now, though, while I finish my cake.